This is a pretty mighty attack on my article at American Thinker about the Obamacare decision. Lester Jackson refers to me 14 times…

Here’s a pull quote:

Instead of responding to this, attorney Cameron Reddy, an apologist for apologist Franck, further illustrates lawyerly sophistry. In the words of early judicial review critic John Gibson, he “take[s] for grantedthe very thing to be proved,” baldly denying the contradiction is what it is.

First, Reddy changes the subject. Instead of answering the 2012 joint dissent, he turns to what Justice Story wrote — in 1833 — to justify Roberts’ assertion that those who don’t like ObamaCare should rely on elections. In essence, Reddy appeals to the authority of a long-dead justice to justify the impropriety of a very much alive chief justice.

Query how the analysis of the preeminent constitutional scholar of the 19th century (Joseph Story) is inapposite to the analysis of current constitutional adjudication.

This will be fun.