A couple really flattering comments on yesterday’s article at American Thinker

It’s so nice to write an article conservatives like. My last two were not well-received, inasmuch as I provided a principled defense to Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion in NFIB v. Sebelius. One article even ended up on a site exposing “Liberal Whoppers.”

Yesterday’s article, in contrast, garnered nary a complaint. Indeed, two comments were very encouraging.

Stellar course in Common Sense 101. The reason for much of the breakdown in the social fabric is the failure to adhere to rules of civility,sacrificing these time-honored traditions upon the altar of political expediency.

For instance, where you rightly deride the ignorant assumptions of your presumably liberal friend: “So, obviously, my friend is saying, between my hypothesis that Americans object to Obama because he is a Marxist and his, that Americans object to Obama because he is African-American, the latter involves fewer assumptions (in his mind) and therefore is right.”, you illustrate the erroneous reasoning that has been creeping into the common zeitgeist and compounding over the years,unchecked by principled opposition.

Only in the liberal mind would ignoring the stated motivations of your opponent(s) in order to attribute to them racial motivations for which no proof exists constitute fewer assumptions. In the “bad old days” which liberals insist are a step backward for the country, it was considered improper and acting in bad faith to attribute to others attitudes or beliefs they did not claim to hold. In order to do that, one must have at least circumstantial evidence that the opponent actually believes the opposite of what he claims to believe.

‘The tea party did not exist before Obama was president” is an invalid claim in that (a) The same people still existed and fought for most of the same goals (limited government, free speech, gun rights etc.), though not united under one banner (except, of course, the well known banner of conservatism), and (b) as you pointed out, it is a logical fallacy which assumes that correlation is equal to causation.

Thank you for this sorely-needed course in clear thinking. It is not only one of the better articles on the subject I have read, it is also quite timely. Keep up the good work.

And another:

Wow, a brilliant read. Lots of corollaries here. And you set my mind to other thoughts of added rules. Keep the logic pouring out. God, grace, and truth at work through you, sir.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/harry_reid_and_alinskys_thirteenth_rule_comments.html#disqus_thread#ixzz234Jgw7kZ

This is humbling, and I thank God for opening this avenue of advancing conservative thought.

Today, Thayrone X, on WAAM 1600, will discuss my article. I may call in if it seems appropriate. I’ve asked friends and loved ones to pray, should I have the opportunity to speak on air, that I say things that will benefit our great republic.