Michael Mcart “Mick McArt”s review of By Force of Patriots

Wow. What a wonderful analysis and review.

If anyone was wondering what would happen if the policies of our government get too out of control, this book does not pull any punches. Cameron does a marvelous job at painting a picture of a not-so-distant future where our rights are under attack, not only by shady politicians, but by an apathetic citizenry.

What I really like about this book is the character development. Just when you think the story is going one way, a thoughtful character takes it in another direction. It isnt just a good vs. evil tale. This story unravels the way morality is shifting today and the thoughts that drive it. Is the world getting better under a new socialist regime? Can a few brave men and women rescue what is left of the Constitution?

You dont have to be George Orwell to see what is going on in the world today, and this book is an interesting take on what could, or what is happening today. Gun owners will enjoy Camerons knowledge of the law, as well as his appreciation of our gun culture. I have to say that I learned a few things by reading this book about guns, history, and the law.

Enemies of the Constitution will probably be gobbling Rolaids halfway through this book. The exposing of their thought process is revealed through good storytelling and researchable truth. If you are ready for a good story, with some intense action, and are willing to think, this is the perfect book for your library.

I do feel I must offer a warning for language and a steamy situation that occurs in the story. I thought these could have been written around or in different ways, but thats just me, speaking as a Christian.

Cameron is a great storyteller with a love for his characters. I hope to see more books in the future!

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