Pakistan doctor who helped us find Bin Laden in a Pakistan prision…

How is it that we are allowing Pakistan to hold and try for treason the doctor who gave us the final key to locating Bin Laden? We give these people billions of dollars per year…

Senator Rand Paul has a better idea. Not a penny more until you release the good doctor.

But I’d go one further step, or maybe two.

Step one: Not a penny more until you stop 1) allowing the Taliban safe haven from which to strike and kill American forces in Afghanistan, 2) your security services from meeting with the Taliban to advise them on ways to fight American forces in Afghanistan, and 3) your troops from aiding Taliban forces in their lethal rocket and mortar attacks against American forces.

Actually, I might go even one step further. I’d be inclined to cut off all aid regardless. And, if you continue to aid our enemies, you become one as well.

Put that in our pipe and smoke it why don’t you?

Here are the supporting articles:

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