Talking Bain Capital with a Union Democrat

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“John,” I said, “have you worked in the venture capital industry?”

He just looked at me. And blinked.

“John, have you ever been invested into by a venture capital company?”

I think he shook his head — but I wasn’t sure.

“John, have you ever been an executive at a venture capital company and therefore charged with the duty to maximize the wealth of your fund by maximizing the value of your investees?”

His mouth opened, but nothing audible came out.

“Look,” I said, with a softened tone, “I’ve been in all three positions.” (This was only a slight lie, as I wasn’t invested into, but I represented two companies that were.) I continued, “No venture capital company on earth would ever succeed — would ever be sought out by hundreds of companies — by doing what you claim Romney did with Bain. It just doesn’t work that way.”

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