The Confab over By Force Of Patriots; Is it Racist?

There is a guy over Amazon who, to put it mildly, dislikes my novel. Clearly of the Politically Correct crowd, he is unaware of the fact that he exemplifies precisely why I wrote the novel as I did. Naturally I’d like him to like the story, and I suspect had he read the whole thing, he might have (or at least he wouldn’t have spewed so much vitriol), but it is what it is and I shall make the best of it.

And arguably, he has done me a great favor by demonstrating for all to see exactly why my novel is so relevant. Still, I think it appropriate to write, here, some  things that my readers, with whom I do not have a personal acquaintance, might like to know. (I say this because my friends know without being told.)

I am neither a white supremacist nor do I approve of them. Upon reading By Force Of Patriots (the whole thing, not just the first 2 chapters!) you will discover that 1)  the bad guys are all white, and 2) two important (and good) characters are African American.

I would not ever write a story glorifying racists. But, they are in the story as they are in real life. I did the best I could to “get into” their heads so that I could vividly reflect their abhorrent ideas. Apparently, to the guy over at Amazon, I did perhaps too good of a job!

Yet, in a broader sense, the story also deals with race as it exists, today, in America. I try to express, give voice to, Americans who are upset with set-aside programs, Affirmative Action, and the like. Reverse racism, as it were. This issue is an important aspect of America, and so it’s in the story. I said this elsewhere on my site:

To put it bluntly, if some can be upset with racism, others can be upset with reverse racism. The two racisms are not equal, to be sure, as one subjugated an entire race, but to deny a voice to the lesser is to legitimize the former. And that enters the realm of tyranny… pretty much where we are today.