Yet another mass shooting in a gun-free zone…

The Detroit News today reports that a recent shooting at the dock of the Detroit Princess cruse ship arose from an altercation between two families. One woman called her boyfriend, not on the cruse, and instructed him to retrieve a gun from a parked car and to bring it down to the dock. (All passengers are checked for weapons before they get on the cruse, so those disembarking were unarmed). Thus, when the woman got her gun, she opened fire without fear.

Then, interestingly, when a member of the family being shot at also retrieved a gun, and began returning fire, the original shooter and her boyfriend ran.

John Lott has noted that so-called “gun free” zones are magnets for those intent on mayhem. This scene was no different.

When will liberals learn?

Clash between 2 families led to shooting that injured 7, says cruise operator | The Detroit News |