How I got to this place in life…

Reading and writing were my worst subjects in school. Actually, I hated to read because I was so dang slow at it. If any of you recall those SRA reading carts with all the color-coded stories… I was always in the lowest color (purple, I seem to recall). Never got out of that color. Never… The first book that I read in its entirety was Animal Farm, and I didn’t do that until the eighth grade.

My “English” skills stayed pretty much the same (which it to say, very poor) through High School. I don’t think I ever got more than a “C” in any English class, though I did begin to do very well overall.

When I enrolled at Michigan State University I was determined to improve my reading and writing, and so I enrolled in James Madison College with a major in Justice, Morality, and Constitutional Democracy (JMCD). Pretty highfalutin sounding for what was mostly a Marxist indoctrination program. This was an intensive program and reading assignments took me so long that I came to realize there were only three states of being: I was either behind, seriously behind, or irreparably behind!

As a JMCD major I began to develop my political philosophy. To the chagrin of my professors, it was in the opposite direction they intended. I recall having to write a modern day Communist Manifesto… Funny that I was never tasked with writing a modern day Declaration of Independence… Funny, too, that in nearly two years I have no recollection of ever reading a word of James Madison. Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx? Max Weber? All day.

In any event, I learned pretty quickly what the professors wanted me to say in my papers, and my grades began to reflect my disagreement with Marxism. That’s when I knew I had to change my major, which I did (to Marketing). Unfortunately, all they wanted me to do in Marketing was regurgitate definitions in a text book. There was little, if any, analysis . Indeed, I came to see the study of marketing as one of “thinking of a process” as opposed to the “process of thinking.” So, by this time, with a decent GPA, the liberal arts college was more than happy to pull me in, and I became a “Interdisciplinary Humanities” major with a triple cognate of history, English, and business.

I finished “A More Perfect Union,” (the original version of this novel) in the late 90’s and was discouraged by one particularly nasty (and liberal) agent. I let the story sit until I began to see, in 2008, how Mr. Obama was not what he claimed. Also, as you might guess, I knew a Marxist when I saw one.

Interestingly, and amazingly, as I revised my story to comprehend Obama, I tried to conjure up outlandish scenarios that might rile Americans. And no sooner would I put it in the story and the next headline (on Drudge) would proclaim that Obama had just done it! This would force me to go back and add something even more crazy. That’s is how I ended up with things like the highly abusive BSCA (Bureau of Socially Correct Activities) and the RCSA (Religious and Cultural Sensitivities Act). In other words, it was hard to conjure up somewhat believable stuff that was beyond what Obama was already doing. I mean, 40 years ago no one could have imagined a full-blooded Marxist as president–instituting such draconian measures as shutting down coal-fired energy plants, telling us what light bulbs and health insurance we must buy, and firing CEO’s of major corporations. Such a story would have been thrown in the slush pile never to be seen again… Oh, wait, there was such a story. Something about 1984…

So, I hope you read my novel. And I hope you like it. But, even if you don’t, please understand that I love my country and that my feelings and beliefs are focused on its health and longevity.

So help me God.

June, 2012.

2 thoughts on “How I got to this place in life…

  1. Eileen

    Fifty years ago, I read as much as I could about socialism and communism and tried to tell people that those systems would not work with actual humans. The most memorable response that I had was someone telling me to see the middle ground. Trouble is, the middle ground kept moving further and further left. In 1980, I was a moderate. Without changing any of my political views, I have become a right-wing extremist.

    1. cameronreddy Post author


      Thanks for the comment. My experience mirrors yours. I think Democrats of 30+ years ago are far, far to the right of the current Democrat party. John F loved this country. BHO detests it, as evidenced by most everything he does.

      The fallacy of communism and socialism is to think that people will toil to the full extent of their abilities all for the good of the state. That has never worked and never will. Sure, true communists want to perfect us so that we will act like that, but all evidence that such can be done is to the contrary. In reality, all that happens is everyone falls to the lowest common denominator. Effort trickles down, poverty trickles up.

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