Articles: Why They Hate Us

An interesting piece today at American Thinker asks why they hate us. Bruce Walker does a pretty good job explaining, but it is in combination with two adroit comments that the full picture appears.

Mr. Walker basically posits that they hate us because we are good. And in that he is right. However, one comment (“From Missouri”) noted that what separates us is our adherence to Judeo-Christian teachings, and all those who hate us (including most Democrats), detest same.

So far so good. But, then “Shadow” noted that:

They fear Western society will open the eyes of the oppressed in their society and cause a revolt against the tyrants.

True again!

So, to combine the thoughts, I commented:

Shadow, I think you are on to it, and your post, taken with the comment “From Missouri,” fills in an important piece of the puzzle. They hate us because we are good, as Mr. Walker concludes, but we are good because our foundation is in the Bible. And that is what separates us and guides us in creating the economic, political, and legal systems the Muslims hate.

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3 thoughts on “Articles: Why They Hate Us

  1. Fuzzy

    Well, they don’t hate us because we are good. They hate us because we are not Muslim, a part of the global caliphate they seek to establish world-wide in which Sharia is the only law of the world. We know this because they tell us so, because it’s written in their holy book.

    Your comment is the most realistic, most true; Islam is Islam, there is no “radical Islam” only Islam, and Islam is an all-encompassing ideology that pulls in social, culture, legal, economic, and every other aspect of a people and their governance.

    They have hated us since our founding; it has nothing to do with Gitmo or some film; it’s on-going wrath from a lunatic cult that thinks it should rule the world. But it is not limited to Americans, to the west even, they commit their acts of violence in China, Bali, everywhere. We need to stop blaming ourselves and indulging in a crazy, lunatic guilt for something over which we have no control. Until the whole world is Muslim, they will not rest. The Crusades pushed back, restored order, and eventually–probably sooner than later–we will need to do the same.

    As an aside, I’m SICK of leftist lunacy regarding the true reason for the Crusades. If there weren’t Crusades, however mismanaged in places, there would literally be no religion but Islam. That was a fight worth fighting then, and it’s a fight worth fighting now.

    1. Cameron Reddy Post author

      Fuzzy, that was well stated! Your comment pushes the analysis yet another step. This is the type of thinking and writing we must do if we hope to survive. As you implicitly state, at stake is not only our survival as a nation.

      At stake is our survival as human beings.

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