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I am a liberal.
I write facts.
I hate Trump
Trump get elected.
Trump reads and reiterates my facts.
I claim Trump is creating “alternative facts” when he reiterates my facts.
This is how I roll.

The media and Leftists (I know, that’s redundant) have been so busy manufacturing “Fake News” that it’s frankly a difficult task to keep up with it. Great pieces have been written about it at The Daily Wire and at The Federalist, to name two.

Ive recently written at American Thinker about how President Trump and his people are beautifully utilizing the tactics of Saul Alinsky to battle the left.

Other than the moniker “Fake News,” which is profound for its accuracy, perhaps the best phrase to identify this political war was coined by Kellyanne Conway defending White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s claim that   “this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration ….”

She said, to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, “… Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that ….”

Mr. Todd, apparently stunned, replied, “Wait a minute … alternative facts? Alternative facts? … Look, alternative facts are not facts. They’re falsehoods.”

Ah, but then we were treated to the real alternative facts. CNN apparently forgot that conservatives know how to scroll on a gigapixel photograph of the inauguration—and lo and behold–we learn that the original side-by-side pictorial crowd comparison by Reuters must have been taken significantly before the President was sworn in.

So “alternative facts” were actually real alternative facts.

Fun as it is to watch this all unfold and even to play a part, it’s just as important to analyze what’s happening.

We need to ask what the heck is going on with these people?

And for that task I point everyone to one of the most fascinating fake news stories yet.

In item number 20 of John Nolte’s list of 24 lies at The Daily Wire we find something that should be truly extraordinary if it wasn’t typical.

In an article published at in January, staff writer Chris Palmer casts as untrue President Trumps statement that the murder rate in Philadelphia has been rising, and “terribly” so. He notes that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called Trump a purveyor of “fake facts.”

To unravel this we need to take it in chronological order. So, let’s go back to an article that none-other-than our intrepid Chris Palmer published at last September, and titled “Why is Philly’s homicide rate going up?”

Therein, Mr. Palmer writes:

  • (Referring to a graph showing homicides through September of each year from 2010-2016) “Philadelphia is recording homicides at the fastest pace since 2012, ….”
  • “Police leaders and criminologists have found no clear explanation for the uptick in Philadelphia, let alone nationwide.”
  • “If the current pace holds, the city will finish with its highest total since 2012, when 331 people were slain, and homicides will have increased for the third consecutive year.”
  • “As Philadelphia’s homicide rate has been rising, ….”
  • “Among rank-and-file officers, a popular theory for the homicide uptick ….”
  • “And although homicide numbers may be up, ….”

While Mr. Palmer does point out that total violent crime is down, and that recent homicide numbers are less than they were several years ago, the quotes above suffice to reflect the overriding point to Mr. Palmer’s September article: homicides have been increasing.


What did this Leftist paragon of media truth then publish about the President’s “fake facts”?

His January article is titled: “Trump said Philly’s murder rate is ‘terribly increasing.’ It’s not.”

And therein are these jewels:

  • “By almost any interpretation, he’s wrong.”
  • “It’s true that 2015 and 2016 had higher murder rates than 2013 and 2014. But the earlier two years had the lowest murder rates the city had seen in decades:”
  • “Annual murder totals have also not been increasing. In 2016, the city finished with 277 homicides, compared with 280 a year earlier. And while 2013 and 2014 had lower totals, all four years have been historically low compared with previous decades, ….”
  • “Over the last two years, the number of murders, while up from 2014, have also remained relatively low — a level last seen in 2002 and 1985.”
  • After noting that January 2017 has been “unusually deadly,” (which would certainly also support the President’s statement), Mr. Palmer ironically notes, “But experts often warn against reading too much into small sample sizes.”
  • U.S. Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) weighing in on Twitter: “I will not stand by as @realdonaldtrump falsely maligns the city of Philadelphia. I will counter his #alternativefacts with the real ones.”
  • Then finally, quoting Jerry Ratcliffe, a professor of criminal justice at Temple University, we have this: “There are no alternative facts here… The president is wrong.”

John Nolte cleverly characterized this as the “Philadelphia Inquirer Contradicts Its Own Reporting to Gotcha Trump.” It’s certainly that.

But it’s also much more.

We have to see that these people are so devoted to their cause that literally their own words, indeed their own facts, do not stand in the way of attempting to smear and frankly lie about a sitting president.

Why are we not shocked when integrity is sacrificed on the alter of liberalism?

I do not pretend to know where this leaves us, or what strategy is best employed for our cause. But one thing I know we can do is keep up exactly what the President is modeling for us. And that is, fight back with truth, guile, Saul Alinsky…

And realalternativefacts.

» Obama Handcuffs America in War on Terrorism » Commentary — GOPUSA

This is exactly right. And excellent article.

Obama spends more time downplaying and denying Islamic terrorism and releasing dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo Bay than he does leading this nation in a war against it. That’s because he is not committed to a war against it — and for another two years, he will be our commander in chief. God help us all.

via » Obama Handcuffs America in War on Terrorism » Commentary — GOPUSA.

CNN: “Muslims cannot get a break”

CNN asks this question and then answers it. Note the brilliance of Robert Spencer’s reply. As long as mainstream media utilize this type of faulty analysis there is little chance Americans will clarify their ideas.

1. Does Islam encourage violence?

Many Muslims bristle at mere hint of this idea, noting that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, most of whom live peaceful and productive lives.

And here is Robert Spencer:

Here is another example of the perennial confusion: Burke asks the question, “Does Islam encourage violence?,” and then starts talking about Muslims. The fact that some Muslims live peaceful and productive lives does absolutely nothing to answer the question of whether Islam encourages violence. The only way to answer that is to examine the texts and teachings of Islam. Burke is arguing that most Muslims aren’t violent, therefore Islam doesn’t encourage violence. But human beings have all kinds of motives and influences. The Catholic Church, for example, forbids contraception. Yet surveys show that most Catholics contracept. Would Burke then argue that because most Catholics contracept, therefore the Catholic Church encourages contraception?

via CNN: “Muslims cannot get a break”.

New York Times reports, then scrubs jihadis’ references to Qur’an and Islam

From Jihad Watch, an article demonstrating how mainstream media works to hide the truth about Islam.

Here is a before and after from a story about the terrorist attack in Paris.

They scrubbed a report on the terrorist proselytizing during Charlie Hebdo attack.


Sigolène Vinson, a freelancer who had decided to come in that morning to take part in the meeting, thought she would be killed when one of the men approached her.

Instead, she told French news media, the man said, “I’m not going to kill you because you’re a woman, we don’t kill women, but you must convert to Islam, read the Quran and cover yourself,” she recalled.


Sigolène Vinson, a freelance journalist who had come in that morning to take part in the meeting, said that when the shooting started, she thought she would be killed.

Ms. Vinson said in an interview that she dropped to the floor and crawled down the hall to hide behind a partition, but one of the gunmen spotted her and grabbed her by the arm, pointing his gun at her head. Instead of pulling the trigger, though, he told her she would not be killed because she was a woman.

“Don’t be afraid, calm down, I won’t kill you,” the gunman told her in a steady voice, with a calm look in his eyes, she recalled. “You are a woman. But think about what you’re doing. It’s not right.”

via New York Times reports, then scrubs jihadis’ references to Qur’an and Islam.

Media Cowards and the Cartoon Jihad

Michelle Malkin has a nice piece where she accurately describes the issue we face with Islamic terror:

Cartoons did not start militant Islam’s fire. Neither did the Bushes, Israel, the Satanic Verses, the Pope, beauty pageants, KFC restaurants in the Middle East, Mohammed teddy bears or a YouTube video.

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage hates all infidels for all reasons for all time. The targeting of Mohammed cartoonists is a convenient excuse to feed the eternal flame of radical Islamists’ hatred of the West. If it isn’t cartoons, it’s something else. The grudge is everlasting.

Instead of acknowledging their gutlessness in the face of Koran-inspired Muslim vigilantes, press pontificators cloak their fear in the mumbo-jumbo of “tolerance.” They demand that the rest of us pledge fealty to their selective multi-culti sensitivities lest (SET ITAL) we (END ITAL) be branded “Islamophobes.”

via » Media Cowards and the Cartoon Jihad » Commentary — GOPUSA.

Ron Paul: Charlie Hebdo jihad attack was a reaction to France’s foreign policy

Robert Spencer has this right. Ron Paul is an idiot for thinking this is about the West’s foreign policy. These killings and attacks are purely based on religion. This reminds me of pre-WWII when the West was stupidly ignorant of Hitler and what was, for the Nazi German, effectively a religion.

Ron Paul and other paleocons such as the pro-jihad American Conservative are fanatically attached to the idea that Islamic jihad is all a reaction to the West’s foreign policy — so much so that they have frequently turned a blind eye to the jihadis’ stated agenda, and see the depredations of Western foreign policy where it actually played no part. The Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre was not about French foreign policy; according to one of the jihadists, it was about avenging Muhammad — avenging him, that is, for the insult of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. The West’s foreign policy regarding the Islamic world and the jihad threat is cartoonish, but that doesn’t make the Charlie Hebdo massacre about the West’s foreign policy.

via Ron Paul: Charlie Hebdo jihad attack was a reaction to France’s foreign policy.

Howard Dean: Paris attackers not ‘Muslim terrorists’ | Fox News

This is a serious problem writ large. When we cannot tell the truth… These people ARE Muslims and they ARE carrying out their Jihad as CALLED FOR IN THEIR “BIBLE.” We must be able to see the threat before we can stop it.

Former Democratic Party head Howard Dean objected to calling the shooters in the Paris attack “Muslim terrorists,” though the attackers were witnessed shouting “Allahu akbar” as they fired.

Dean, speaking Wednesday on MSNBC, argued that they should be treated as “mass murderers” instead.

“I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am,” he said. “I mean, they have no respect for anybody else’s life, that’s not what the Koran says. And, you know Europe has an enormous radical problem. … I think ISIS is a cult. Not an Islamic cult. I think it’s a cult.”

via Howard Dean: Paris attackers not ‘Muslim terrorists’ | Fox News.

Please go check out Robert Spencer’s page, Islam 101, Jihad Watch for details on how this terror IS deeply rooted in their “religion.” There, you will see:

Below are excerpts from Hasan Al-Banna’s treatise, Jihad. In 1928, Al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood, which today is the most powerful organization in Egypt after the government itself. In this treatise, Al-Banna cogently argues that Muslims must take up arms against unbelievers. As he says, “The verses of the Qur’an and the Sunnah summon people in general (with the most eloquent expression and the clearest exposition) to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting.”

All Muslims Must Make JihadJihad is an obligation from Allah on every Muslim and cannot be ignored nor evaded. Allah has ascribed great importance to jihad and has made the reward of the martyrs and the fighters in His way a splendid one. Only those who have acted similarly and who have modeled themselves upon the martyrs in their performance of jihad can join them in this reward. Furthermore, Allah has specifically honoured the Mujahideen {those who wage jihad} with certain exceptional qualities, both spiritual and practical, to benefit them in this world and the next. Their pure blood is a symbol of victory in this world and the mark of success and felicity in the world to come. (Emphasis added).

French Islamist mini-states grow into problem out of government control – Washington Times

Interesting for a religion of peace. No?

Nothing to worry about, folks. The massacre in France is  just workplace violence.

Over 1,000 French supermarkets are selling Islamic books that call for jihad and the killing of non-Muslims.

via French Islamist mini-states grow into problem out of government control – Washington Times.

The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw – The Washington Post

So here we have Hollywood taking a terribly skewed view of reality. It seems to love to make the white man look racist…

What’s wrong with Hollywood?

The makers of the new movie “Selma” apparently just couldn’t resist taking dramatic, trumped-up license with a true story that didn’t need any embellishment to work as a big-screen historical drama. As a result, the film falsely portrays President Lyndon B. Johnson as being at odds with Martin Luther King Jr. and even using the FBI to discredit him, as only reluctantly behind the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and as opposed to the Selma march itself.

In fact, Selma was LBJ’s idea, he considered the Voting Rights Act his greatest legislative achievement, he viewed King as an essential partner in getting it enacted — and he didn’t use the FBI to disparage him.

via The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw – The Washington Post.

ROBERT KNIGHT: Police shootings, protests expose double standard of blame for haters – Washington Times

This is so true.

When it comes to assigning culpability for crimes by disturbed individuals, it depends on who the victims and perpetrators are.

Following fatal school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, and elsewhere, liberal politicians and editorialists blamed the National Rifle Association and other pro-Second Amendment groups.

In 1995, after Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, numerous liberal commentators blamed “anti-government” rhetoric by Newt Gingrich, House Republicans and Rush Limbaugh.

In 1998, many liberal media personalities, including Katie Couric, floated the idea that a gently worded newspaper ad campaign by pro-family groups offering hope to homosexuals who want to change was “hate speech” that led to the beating death of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming.

In 2011, when a young gunman killed six people and seriously wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona Democrat, and 12 others in Tucson, officials and media quickly assigned wider blame. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a Democrat, pinned it on talk radio’s “vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government, the anger, the bigotry.”

via ROBERT KNIGHT: Police shootings, protests expose double standard of blame for haters – Washington Times.

Censorship: 38 journalism groups slam Obamas politically-driven suppression of news |

That this is happening should surprise no one… That there is finally some pushback by journalists is what IS surprising…

This is just part and parcel of Obama’s socialist agenda. The old soviets had a saying about their newspaper called the “Truth.” They said there is no truth in the news, and no news in the Truth. We are very close to that today in America.

In unprecedented criticism of the White House, 38 journalism groups have assailed the presidents team for censoring media coverage, limiting access to top officials and overall “politically-driven suppression of the news.”In a letter to President Obama, the 38, led by the Society of Professional Journalists, said efforts by government officials to stifle or block coverage has grown for years and reached a high-point under his administration despite Obamas 2008 campaign promise to provide transparency.

via Censorship: 38 journalism groups slam Obamas politically-driven suppression of news |

JW Obtains IRS Documents Showing Lerner in Contact With DOJ about Potential Prosecution of Tax-Exempt Groups | Judicial Watch

The lawlessness in the Obama administration is manifest. You won’t read about this in any mainstream media. Just bow down to our Dear Leader:

“These new emails show that the day before she broke the news of the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner was talking to a top Obama Justice Department official about whether the DOJ could prosecute the very same organizations that the IRS had already improperly targeted,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The IRS emails show Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is now implicated and conflicted in the IRS scandal.

via JW Obtains IRS Documents Showing Lerner in Contact With DOJ about Potential Prosecution of Tax-Exempt Groups | Judicial Watch.

Exclusive: John Cornyn Rips Chuck Schumer’s Media ‘Shield Law’

I write about this in my novel. They are called “Advocacy Networks” approved by the Dear Leader. So now, we see democrats seeking it in reality. Does anyone think this will be different than the IRS targeting conservatives? You must spout the liberal mantra to be approved… which means attacking the Tea Party, gun rights, etc…

“They want to pick and choose which journalists are covered,” the Texan Republican told Breitbart News. “In other words, if you’re a blogger they might not cover you, but if you work for the New York Times they might. Given the changes in the way we get information and the way we consume news, that really smacks to me in essence of government licensing who’s an official ‘journalist’ for the purposes of a shield law and who’s not. If there is one thing I can glean from the First Amendment, it is that government should not be in the business of licensing the news media.”

via Exclusive: John Cornyn Rips Chuck Schumer’s Media ‘Shield Law’.

Russia says it’s compiled 100-page report blaming Syrian rebels for a chemical weapons attack | McClatchy

Russia says it has compiled a 100-page report detailing what it says is evidence that Syrian rebels, not forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, were behind a deadly sarin gas attack in an Aleppo suburb earlier this year.

Read more here:

Russia says it’s compiled 100-page report blaming Syrian rebels for a chemical weapons attack | McClatchy.

News from The Associated Press

How interesting… Barry’s lawyers caught lying…

“This court is troubled that the governments revelations regarding NSAs acquisition of Internet transactions mark the third instance in less than three years in which the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of a major collection program,” Bates added in a footnoted passage that had portions heavily blacked out.

via News from The Associated Press.

‘Outrageous’: IRS Agent Stuns Members of Congress With Claim About Targeting Scandal |

How’s this for stunning… It continues… Wonder what mainstream outlets will cover it…

During closed-door testimony, the agent reportedly told members of the committee that requests for tax-exempt status by Tea Party groups are still being subjected to “secondary screening,” at least in his office.

When asked what he would do with an application from a Tea Party group even if there was no evidence of political activity, the IRS agent replied: “At this point I would send it to secondary screening, political advocacy.”

via ‘Outrageous’: IRS Agent Stuns Members of Congress With Claim About Targeting Scandal |

Zimmerman lawyer to move ‘asap’ against NBC News

An excerpt from a Washington Post article that demonstrates how the leftist media sought to portray this as a race case…

Last night’s not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial will enable the neighborhood-watch volunteer to resume his case against NBC News for the mis-editing of his widely distributed call to police. Back in December, Zimmerman sued NBC Universal Media for defamation over the botched editing, which depicted him as a hardened racial profiler.

Here’s how NBC News, in a March 27, 2012, broadcast of the “Today” show, abridged the tape of Zimmerman’s comments to a police dispatcher on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012:Zimmerman:

“This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

The full tape went like this:Zimmerman:

“This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?”

Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

via Zimmerman lawyer to move ‘asap’ against NBC News.

The Smoking Gun in Plain Sight

Brilliant words from Herbert Meyer:

I am merely pointing out that President Obama has been going about the business of demonizing his political enemies, and then hiring thugs to destroy them without regard to the law, in precisely the same way that Hitler and his fascists did it in Germany.  This isnt an accusation; its an observation.

via Articles: The Smoking Gun in Plain Sight.