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I am a liberal.
I write facts.
I hate Trump
Trump get elected.
Trump reads and reiterates my facts.
I claim Trump is creating “alternative facts” when he reiterates my facts.
This is how I roll.

The media and Leftists (I know, that’s redundant) have been so busy manufacturing “Fake News” that it’s frankly a difficult task to keep up with it. Great pieces have been written about it at The Daily Wire and at The Federalist, to name two.

Ive recently written at American Thinker about how President Trump and his people are beautifully utilizing the tactics of Saul Alinsky to battle the left.

Other than the moniker “Fake News,” which is profound for its accuracy, perhaps the best phrase to identify this political war was coined by Kellyanne Conway defending White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s claim that   “this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration ….”

She said, to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, “… Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that ….”

Mr. Todd, apparently stunned, replied, “Wait a minute … alternative facts? Alternative facts? … Look, alternative facts are not facts. They’re falsehoods.”

Ah, but then we were treated to the real alternative facts. CNN apparently forgot that conservatives know how to scroll on a gigapixel photograph of the inauguration—and lo and behold–we learn that the original side-by-side pictorial crowd comparison by Reuters must have been taken significantly before the President was sworn in.

So “alternative facts” were actually real alternative facts.

Fun as it is to watch this all unfold and even to play a part, it’s just as important to analyze what’s happening.

We need to ask what the heck is going on with these people?

And for that task I point everyone to one of the most fascinating fake news stories yet.

In item number 20 of John Nolte’s list of 24 lies at The Daily Wire we find something that should be truly extraordinary if it wasn’t typical.

In an article published at in January, staff writer Chris Palmer casts as untrue President Trumps statement that the murder rate in Philadelphia has been rising, and “terribly” so. He notes that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called Trump a purveyor of “fake facts.”

To unravel this we need to take it in chronological order. So, let’s go back to an article that none-other-than our intrepid Chris Palmer published at last September, and titled “Why is Philly’s homicide rate going up?”

Therein, Mr. Palmer writes:

  • (Referring to a graph showing homicides through September of each year from 2010-2016) “Philadelphia is recording homicides at the fastest pace since 2012, ….”
  • “Police leaders and criminologists have found no clear explanation for the uptick in Philadelphia, let alone nationwide.”
  • “If the current pace holds, the city will finish with its highest total since 2012, when 331 people were slain, and homicides will have increased for the third consecutive year.”
  • “As Philadelphia’s homicide rate has been rising, ….”
  • “Among rank-and-file officers, a popular theory for the homicide uptick ….”
  • “And although homicide numbers may be up, ….”

While Mr. Palmer does point out that total violent crime is down, and that recent homicide numbers are less than they were several years ago, the quotes above suffice to reflect the overriding point to Mr. Palmer’s September article: homicides have been increasing.


What did this Leftist paragon of media truth then publish about the President’s “fake facts”?

His January article is titled: “Trump said Philly’s murder rate is ‘terribly increasing.’ It’s not.”

And therein are these jewels:

  • “By almost any interpretation, he’s wrong.”
  • “It’s true that 2015 and 2016 had higher murder rates than 2013 and 2014. But the earlier two years had the lowest murder rates the city had seen in decades:”
  • “Annual murder totals have also not been increasing. In 2016, the city finished with 277 homicides, compared with 280 a year earlier. And while 2013 and 2014 had lower totals, all four years have been historically low compared with previous decades, ….”
  • “Over the last two years, the number of murders, while up from 2014, have also remained relatively low — a level last seen in 2002 and 1985.”
  • After noting that January 2017 has been “unusually deadly,” (which would certainly also support the President’s statement), Mr. Palmer ironically notes, “But experts often warn against reading too much into small sample sizes.”
  • U.S. Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) weighing in on Twitter: “I will not stand by as @realdonaldtrump falsely maligns the city of Philadelphia. I will counter his #alternativefacts with the real ones.”
  • Then finally, quoting Jerry Ratcliffe, a professor of criminal justice at Temple University, we have this: “There are no alternative facts here… The president is wrong.”

John Nolte cleverly characterized this as the “Philadelphia Inquirer Contradicts Its Own Reporting to Gotcha Trump.” It’s certainly that.

But it’s also much more.

We have to see that these people are so devoted to their cause that literally their own words, indeed their own facts, do not stand in the way of attempting to smear and frankly lie about a sitting president.

Why are we not shocked when integrity is sacrificed on the alter of liberalism?

I do not pretend to know where this leaves us, or what strategy is best employed for our cause. But one thing I know we can do is keep up exactly what the President is modeling for us. And that is, fight back with truth, guile, Saul Alinsky…

And realalternativefacts.

Obama Imposed 75,000 Pages of New Regulations in 2014

Readers of my novel know how this damages America…

Just in the last few weeks, the Obama administration has proposed or imposed over 1,200 new regulations on the American people that will add even more to the already crushing $2 trillion per year cost burden of the federal regulatory machine.

via Obama Imposed 75,000 Pages of New Regulations in 2014.

Las Vegas Ads Targeting Gay People — and denigrating Straight Couples

Amazing… Hope and Change.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the official destination marketing arm of Las Vegas and the surrounding area, has launched a new campaign aimed at targeting gays and lesbians. The associated ads, created by R&R Partnersand featuring attractive same-sex couples enjoying themselves in the city, poke fun at heterosexuals who are repeatedly depicted as frumpy and old school.

Have You Seen These New Las Vegas Ads Targeting Gay People — and Poking Fun at Straight Couples? |


Hillsdale College – Imprimis

This is a great piece. Those of you who have read my novel know that the concept express here is my central thesis.

This is the President of Hillsdale College:

One obvious theme to strike is that people didn’t vote for, and don’t support, higher taxes and bigger government. But conservative statesmen have to get better. Calvin Coolidge once said that great statesmen are “ambassadors of providence, sent to reveal to us our unknown selves.” What that means is that great statesmen are not going to be around very often. I’d say that the standard of conservative statesmanship today is improving, but too few prominent conservatives are skillful at explaining the problem of the modern bureaucratic state. This form of government proceeds by rules, and rules upon rules, and compliance with those rules becomes a key activity of the entire nation. That results in bureaucracy, and in the inefficiencies of bureaucracy. Constitutional government, on the other hand, proceeds by clearly stated laws.

Not grasping this is an important failure of conservative statesmen today. During the first presidential debate I stood up and slapped my leg, and my wife said to sit down and be quiet, when Mitt Romney said that business and prosperity require regulation. What he should have said instead was that of course we require laws in order to be productive and to live safely, but that laws are different than regulations. Laws are passed by elected (and thus accountable) representatives, they cover everybody equally, and we can all participate in their enforcement because they are easy to understand. Not one of those three things is true of the regulations imposed by independent boards such as those established under Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Romney was not able to make that distinction, and yet that distinction is at the heart of the choice Americans must make about how they will be governed.

via Hillsdale College – Imprimis.

Republicans Control Best-Run States in America, 24/7 Wall St. Survey Shows |

Capitalism with fiscal restraint or more socialist ideas with no fiscal restraint… Hmmm…. Let’s see how it works…

The list is based on a review of data for financial health, standard of living and government services. While noting that current situations may stem from decisions made years ago and that external factors like weather can be as much to blame as poor governance, 24/7 Wall St. also points out that all of the high-ranking states have “well-managed budgets” and the worst states have “high debt relative to both income and expenditure.”

via Republicans Control Best-Run States in America, 24/7 Wall St. Survey Shows |

Conservatives need to read this…

This is at American Thinker today:

Conservatives need to take a collective breath and look closer at the numbers before they buy into the idea that GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s defeat was due to some kind of national demographic shift that now makes Democrat presidential candidates’ armor impenetrable. Before you give in to the hysteria, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, Barack Obama’s re-election showing was actually pretty unimpressive for a guy whose philosophies voters have supposedly adopted. As of this writing on Wednesday, Obama’s vote total stood at an unimpressive 60,119,958. That’s about what John Kerry got in 2004 59,028,444. President George W. Bush actually did far better than Obama in his 2004 reelection quest, posting a vote total that was about 2 million higher 62,040,610 than what Obama got on Tuesday. That’s hardly a remarkable finish in a country with a population that has increased. In fact, it’s a decline of 9 million votes from Obama’s 2008 total.

Had Romney 57,425,441 done as well as McCain did in 2008 59,934,814, he and Obama would have run neck and neck, virtually matching each other’s vote totals. That’s hardly the stuff of demographic ruin.

The question Republicans and conservatives need to ask is not why voters showed up for Obama, whose turnout wasn’t exactly extraordinary, but why millions of their own voters, people who had pulled the lever for Bush and McCain, didn’t do the same for Romney or simply stayed home….

via Articles: What Major Demographic Shift?.

It’s Over | Power Line

This is most heartening. As many of you know, I couldn’t watch it… but I am cautiously optimistic given articles like this:

Through the evening, Romney came across as the competent executive, in command and optimistic. Obama was the defeated, out of ammo failure whose ideas have been tried and found wanting. I don’t know how the Democrats will try to spin this one, but it just doesn’t matter. There was only one credible leader on the stage tonight, and it wasn’t our failed president. This was a huge night for the cause of freedom, one from which, one hopes, Obama can’t recover. The pitiful figure that we saw tonight was the real Obama, the loser behind the curtain who is finally revealed as an utter hoax.

via It’s Over | Power Line.

Articles: Why They Hate Us

An interesting piece today at American Thinker asks why they hate us. Bruce Walker does a pretty good job explaining, but it is in combination with two adroit comments that the full picture appears.

Mr. Walker basically posits that they hate us because we are good. And in that he is right. However, one comment (“From Missouri”) noted that what separates us is our adherence to Judeo-Christian teachings, and all those who hate us (including most Democrats), detest same.

So far so good. But, then “Shadow” noted that:

They fear Western society will open the eyes of the oppressed in their society and cause a revolt against the tyrants.

True again!

So, to combine the thoughts, I commented:

Shadow, I think you are on to it, and your post, taken with the comment “From Missouri,” fills in an important piece of the puzzle. They hate us because we are good, as Mr. Walker concludes, but we are good because our foundation is in the Bible. And that is what separates us and guides us in creating the economic, political, and legal systems the Muslims hate.

via Articles: Why They Hate Us.

Fuzzy Logic | Just another blogger blogging

Here is a great description applicable to me and likely most folks who blog about current events. This, from the Award-Winning Fuzzy Logic:

but what’s been happening has left me enraged, so much so that I simply wasn’t able to formulate even a rant. Imagine! I’m calm now, and ready to write, but it turns out that I’m too late (day late, dollar short. Yet again. Heh.). There are loads of far better writers and thinkers out there who’ve said what I would have liked to have said or what I meant to say or what I would have said if I’d blogged sooner,

via Fuzzy Logic | Just another blogger blogging.

Her stuff is really good to read.

Articles: One Election Away from Tragedy

It is a federal government, and specifically an Executive branch that writes laws, that so threatens our nation. If you have read my novel you know this in detail.

This is a good article from Today’s American Thinker.

If Obama is defeated, and I expect he will be, Romney’s economic policies will have a better chance of producing an economic recovery. Obama’s economic policy amounted to nothing but the hot air of hope and change coupled with payoffs to political friends. But an economic recovery (if one is even possible) does not end the real problem facing this country.

The underlying and seemingly unsolvable problem is the emasculation of the Constitution. That enabled the Rule of Man to trump the Rule of Law. That is the underlying cause of our economic problems. Government has become too large, too powerful and too intrusive. Sadly, history shows that lawmakers never relinquish power willingly. Indeed, today many believe government should be even more powerful to deal with the problems of a modern society.

via Articles: One Election Away from Tragedy.

The Rich: Taxes Paid, Polls, and Reality

A dose of reality on Obama’s claim that the rich don’t pay their “fair” share:

What standard of fairness dictates that the top 10 percent of income earners pay 71 percent of the federal income tax burden while 47 percent of Americans pay absolutely nothing?

This article destroys the argument with facts. It’s short enough to read and memorize. Highly recommended!

via Articles: The Rich: Taxes Paid, Polls, and Reality.

Articles: Who’s the Extremist?

From Jeffrey Folks at American Thinker today:

Suddenly, the idea that there should by any restraint on illegal immigration is “extreme.” The notion that there should be limits to abortion rights and to the requirement that taxpayers and religious institutions pay for abortion is “extreme.” The idea that seeking work should be a requirement for welfare is “extreme.” Any suggestion of balancing the federal budget or even of cutting the rate of growth in federal spending is “extreme.” In other words, any statement that conflicts with those of the most liberal administration in American history is “extreme.” via Articles: Who’s the Extremist?.

This is a perfect example of my Alinsky Rule 13:

RULE 13: “Confound the enemy with allegations he cannot possibly disprove.”  Whenever possible, turn the enemy in on himself.  Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and confusion.  (Watch how organizations flail helplessly when blindsided by irrelevant arguments they cannot refute.)

These ludicrous charges would never stand in a fair media environment.


Articles: Wargaming Termination of Tea Party Extremists

This is wonderful. 266 and counting in comments. I was bound to get something like this:

No one’s “Pursuit of Happiness” grants him the right to steal soda pop from the corner store, nor to publish a headline claiming “I slept with Amelia Earhart”.If Mr. “Camera Ready” is so gosh darn creative, why can’t he invent something with a great compelling interest of its own, instead of hostaging the name of a serious group of honestly committed people in order to extort readership into this “let no crisis survive unplundered” self-advertisement?He is a pornographer, a thief — Oh, that’s right, I remember now, ..he’s a lawyer.Probably graduated with his soul-mate Barack.And “American Thinker” ..sigh! puts him right at the top of its page .. :

via Articles: Wargaming Termination of Tea Party Extremists.

To this guy, as well as the gentleman on who thinks I foment violence and murder of blacks, I apply Alinsky Rule 13:

RULE 13: “Confound the enemy with allegations he cannot possibly disprove.”  Whenever possible, turn the enemy in on himself.  Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and confusion.  (Watch how organizations flail helplessly when blindsided by irrelevant arguments they cannot refute.)

Wargaming Termination of Tea Party Extremists

My article appears today — headlined at American Thinker.

Not in the title, but in the analysis:

Alinsky’s Rule 14:

RULE 14: “Push the enemy so hard with outrageous situations and allegations that he is forced to push back.”  Whenever possible, cause the enemy to respond, and when he does, hold him up for ridicule; then push harder.  (By threatening his security and way of life, you will always elicit a reaction that can be turned against him.)

Why Barack Obama Needs to Go – Newsweek and The Daily Beast

This is a momentous piece.

It remains to be seen if the American public is ready to embrace the radical overhaul of the nation’s finances that Ryan proposes. The public mood is deeply ambivalent. The president’s approval rating is down to 49 percent. The Gallup Economic Confidence Index is at minus 28 (down from minus 13 in May). But Obama is still narrowly ahead of Romney in the polls as far as the popular vote is concerned (50.8 to 48.2) and comfortably ahead in the Electoral College. The pollsters say that Paul Ryan’s nomination is not a game changer; indeed, he is a high-risk choice for Romney because so many people feel nervous about the reforms Ryan proposes.

Finally we get a guy that proposes change that will HELP America, and people are skittish? Lord.

Niall Ferguson on Why Barack Obama Needs to Go – Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

An excellent article at AT: The Coming Battle of Ideologies

A snippet from John McLaughlin:

Obama administration has, by one estimate, hired over 200,000 people to write and enforce top-down government control of individuals and businesses, with the EPA often cited as the greatest abuser.  House Speaker John Boehner reports that the administration currently has 3,118 regulations in the pipeline, 167 of which will have a major impact on the economy — on top of the 1,010 regulations already completed, including 45 with major impacts.  Nearly 30 bills related to job creation passed by the House, with most intended to curb excessive regulation, remain stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate while President Obama steadfastly refuses to call for them to be brought forward for a vote.