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UN Report Wants Moratorium on Killer Robots

Ah, the anti-American United Nations.  The idiots would have us disarm:

UNITED NATIONS — Killer robots that can attack targets without any human input “should not have the power of life and death over human beings,” a new draft U.N. report says…

Report author Christof Heyns, a South African professor of human rights law, calls for a worldwide moratorium on the “testing, production, assembly, transfer, acquisition, deployment and use” of killer robots until an international conference can develop rules for their use…

His report cites these examples, among others, of fully or semi-autonomous weapons that have been developed:

— The U.S. Phalanx system for Aegis-class cruisers, which automatically detects, tracks and engages anti-air warfare threats such as anti-ship missiles and aircraft.

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EDITORIAL: Drones for the military – Washington Times

Read carefully, Obama (through Holder) only said he would not target a non-combatant… leaving the door wide open for Barry to kill Americans he deems combatants…

I hate it when a normally intelligent operation like the Washington Times blows it thusly:

It took a 13-hour filibuster last month for Sen. Rand Paul to extract a reluctant acknowledgment from the Justice Department that the president may not target U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

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» DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets of Children Alex Jones Infowars: Theres a war on for your mind!

It seems every day we are learning of more things which indicate the Obama bots are planning on killing a lot of Americans…

Read this article and look at the targets the DHS ordered to desensitize officers from killing Americans in their homes:

A company which received $2 million dollars from the DHS has apologized and taken offline “no more hesitation” shooting targets which depicted pregnant women, children, and elderly gun owners in residential settings as “non-traditional threats,” following an online uproar.As we first reported on Tuesday, Law Enforcement Targets Inc. LET, a Minneapolis based company that has received almost $2 million dollars in contracts from the Department of Homeland Security over the last three years, recently began selling cardboard cut-out targets designed to desensitize police to “non-traditional threats,” including pregnant women, mothers in school playgrounds, and little boys, as well as elderly gun owners in their homes.

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Air Force Drones Trail Civilian Auto Traffic in New Mexico

This author gets it all wrong. He’s upset the the Air Force practices drone warfare by targeting with civilian traffic. Big deal. The USAF practices all the time on civilian targets. I was in a home once when three A-10 Warthogs flew so low overhead that the house shook. When I ran outside, the three were all pulling off in order in what was clearly a “run” against the house I was in. At the time I thought it was pretty cool. I was glad they were practicing… I still think so.

The only difference, now, is that our leftist government has specifically identified conservatives as “threats” in combination with Obama making it clear that he has the authority to drone kill Americans on US soil.

They are most likely not “armed drones,” but news has surfaced that the US Air Force is training drone pilots to trail civilian auto traffic on New Mexicos highways.

In a lifestyles-of-video-game-war piece by Mark Mazzetti that appears in The New York Times Magazine this Sunday, Mazzetti writes:

When I visited the base [Holloman Air Force Base, N.M.] earlier this year with a small group of reporters, we were taken into a command post where a large flat-screen television was broadcasting a video feed from a drone flying overhead. It took a few seconds to figure out exactly what we were looking at. A white S.U.V. traveling along a highway adjacent to the base came into the cross hairs in the center of the screen and was tracked as it headed south along the desert road. When the S.U.V. drove out of the picture, the drone began following another car.

“Wait, you guys practice tracking enemies by using civilian cars?” a reporter asked. One Air Force officer responded that this was only a training mission, and then the group was quickly hustled out of the room.

Some may shrug and say that the undisclosed high-altitude tracking of US vehicles for training purposes is harmless, but the line between civilian privacy and an increasingly Orwellian capacity of the U.S. federal government to track its own citizens is blurred just a bit more by this practice.

via Air Force Drones Trail Civilian Auto Traffic in New Mexico – Steve Clemons – The Atlantic.