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The Boy Scouts & Chick-fil-A. Homophobic?

This strikes me as particularly sensible. To the liberals protesting the Boy Scouts rejection of inclusion in their ranks folks who are openly SSA (same sex attraction), Robert Knight, of the Washington Times, has this:

My question to them is: What part of the Jerry Sandusky Penn State molestation convictions don’t you get when it comes to the Boy Scouts?

Do you honestly think boys won’t notice or care if their leader is kissing another man or if a boy who wants to touch other boys shares their tent? How about a Cub Scout pack leader who lives openly as a lesbian? Is this a good example for young boys in an organization expressly created to give them a manly start in life? How does a woman who rejects being married to a husband and father and instead gives a boy “two moms” claim to be a suitable person to teach the value of manhood? If you answer, “She can’t,” you’re a hate-filled bigot.

KNIGHT: Liberals’ war on Boy Scouts, Chick-fil-A – Washington Times.