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» Professor Calls For Climate Change ‘Deniers’ To Be Imprisoned Alex Jones Infowars: Theres a war on for your mind!

Global warming idiots…

A professor with Rochester Institute of Technology has called for the incarceration of any American who actively disagrees that climate change is solely caused by human activity.Lawrence Torcello, a philosophy professor with a Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo, published the comments as part of an essay submitted to the academic website The Conversation.Torcello argues that malignant individuals, who he does not identify, are collectively organising a “campaign funding misinformation” about climate change. Torcello goes on to suggest that such activity “ought to be considered criminally negligent.”

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Russian military again flies strategic bombers near Alaska | Washington Free Beacon

So Barry promised the Russians he could be “more flexible” with disarming America after his reelection.  Now we have the Russians flying dangerously close to our protected areas as a means of intimidating this pansy for a President…

This is sickening and threatens the balance of power.  It’s not enough that Barry promotes Islam world wide, weakens our energy production and economy with absurd Global Warming regulations, opens our borders to illegals to inundate our social welfare systems (go garner Democrat votes), expands food stamps and a million other welfare programs (again, to garner Dem votes)…

So, now, he is bending the US over to get a royal screwing by Russia…

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, a former Alaska Air Command commander, said: “The Russians continue to play the administration like a fiddle, sending signals that they still have a strategic air force and can project power while the U.S. continues to ground alert squadrons and unilateral disarms.”“Is this the administration’s idea of ‘reset relations’ with Russia?” he asked.

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Global warming catches fire – Washington Times

The unintended consequences if inane federal regulations:

Technologies advanced as the solution to the purported global warming problem are catching fire — just not in the way intended. Bureaucrats are quickly learning that their regulatory offerings designed to entreat Mother Nature into bestowing cooler temperatures upon the planet have created environmental hazards of their own.

It’s well-known that the fluorescent light bulbs being foisted on a reluctant public spread deadly mercury when dropped. In March, the administration will be free to enforce a federally imposed ban on the manufacturing of warm, pleasing and affordable 100-watt light bulbs. This will force more highly toxic substances into millions of American homes.

Another hazard is being created for automobiles sold in Europe — and eventually in the United States.

Several German automakers, including BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, have expressed skepticism toward a European Union mandate telling the firms that their in-car air-conditioning systems must be more environmentally friendly. In particular, they are being pushed into deploying a more politically correct refrigerant known as R-1234yf, which regulators insist is perfectly safe.

Daimler, maker of Mercedes-Benz sedans, raised the alarm when the firm’s own testing revealed the substance increases the risk of vehicle fires. “In the new real-life test scenario, the refrigerant is dynamically dispersed at high pressure near to hot components of the test vehicle’s exhaust system,” the company explained in a statement last year. “This corresponds to a serious head-on collision, in which the refrigerant line is severed and the reproducible results demonstrate that refrigerant, which is otherwise difficult to ignite under laboratory conditions can indeed prove to be flammable in a hot engine compartment.”

A dramatic video of the test procedure shows the underside of a car using the new coolant bursting into flames under conditions that do not ignite the refrigerant in use today. The danger of combustible air-conditioning systems won’t be limited to the Continent. Our own Environmental Protection Agency is offering automakers substantial credit toward their Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) obligations, which can save big money for companies in the midst of a weak economy, if they convert to more flammable systems.

Government loves nothing more than tossing taxpayer money onto bonfires. In 2009, the administration offered a half-billion-dollar loan to Fisker Automotive to underwrite the production of the $100,000 hybrid-electric luxury automobiles that are beloved in Hollywood. Sixteen of these politically correct vehicles happened to be waiting at Port Newark, N.J., in October when Hurricane Sandy hit. After floodwaters receded, the waterlogged Fisker Karmas burst into flame and burned to the ground. The tendency toward self-immolation was significant enough that it sparked a series of recalls last year.

Instead of worrying about imaginary future cataclysms, regulators ought to consider the real environmental and economic damage their policies create. The left’s favorite trendy technologies, from squiggly light bulbs to electric cars, simply aren’t ready for prime time. The government needs to extinguish its desire to meddle before more harm is done.

The Washington Times

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EPA releases new fuel economy new car window stickers for 2013 model year vehicles

I’ve spoken about this (Global War scores on new cars) in various radio interviews as being an example of the problem we have when we let the executive branch write law. We end up with Obama forcing “Global Warming” garbage down our throats. So, it’s no surprise that for 2013 cars it gets even more intensive.

According to a heavily politicized explanation by the EPA, “for the first time ever, highlight the increased efficiency standards achieved under the Obama Administration that will save families money at the pump starting this year.”

The new sticker will also provide comparable data to compare gasoline-fueled vehicles against all-electric and alternative fuel vehicles–which the EPA calls “next generation”, such as those powered by natural gas…

The new labels will also highlight so-called “greenhouse gas” CO2 emissions and smog emissions. The current label already has an “Environmental Performance” section with a “global warming score” and a “smog score”. The new sticker further highlights the “scores” by integrating them into the main body of the display rather than as an add-on. Like the old sticker, the new sticker announces, “Vehicle emissions are a primary contributor to global warming and smog,” even though global warming has been replaced by “climate change” and the anthropogenic element remains controversial.

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Temparture stations under air conditioner exhausts…

Well well. So the climate data isn’t what Al Gore and the liberal media said it was. No. Can’t be! Say it isn’t so! Gore, the man who invented the Internet, and the media lied to us? Impossible!!

Here is the headline in the Press Release:

PRESS RELEASE – U.S. Temperature trends show a spurious doubling due to NOAA station siting problems and post measurement adjustments.

I’ve been telling people for months the stations used to collect temperature data were once located in rural areas but, with so much growth in the last 60 years, are now in urban areas. Concrete, asphalt, buildings, roads, cars, trucks, and homes all retain heat during the day and give it back at night—so the “average” is artificially higher than the true atmospheric conditions. The result is that temperature stations located in now built-up areas show an increase in temperatures since the 1970s far beyond what is real—indeed, fully twice what is real! One station is even situated in the exhaust air from an air conditioner! Ya think Gore would tell us about that?

But, look at this in the report:

· Well sited rural stations show a warming nearly three times greater after NOAA adjustment is applied. (emphasis supplied)

What was that?

What that was (is) is the current researchers have found that the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has fraudulently tweaked data from those stations that did not match the exaggerated increases shown by the stations under air conditioner exhausts.

How’s that for hope and change? Temperature change, that is.