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This Olympics, remember an Olympian who fought Hitler twice

In Olympics And War — He Helped Beat Hitler Twice

This is a story from the 1936 Olympics. The one were Jesse Owens destroyed Hitler’s “Master Race” business by winning gold in the 100, 200, and 400 meter relay.

Foy Draper, part of the Gold-Medal team in the 400 meter relay, was lost piloting an A20 Havoc bomber on Jan. 4, 1943 over North Africa.

But note. Two members of his team were scratched and replaced the night before the race:

In one of the most shameful incidents in sports history, Stoller and Glickman, the only  Jewish-Americans on the U.S. team, were replaced by Owens and Ralph Metcalfe. There are several theories on why that happened, but one was that U.S. Olympic Committee Chairman Avery Brundage wanted to avoid giving offense to Hitler.

So we see that appeasement and politically correct idiocy are not new inventions.
The left has just perfected the art over the last 70 years.