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EDITORIAL: Drones for the military – Washington Times

Read carefully, Obama (through Holder) only said he would not target a non-combatant… leaving the door wide open for Barry to kill Americans he deems combatants…

I hate it when a normally intelligent operation like the Washington Times blows it thusly:

It took a 13-hour filibuster last month for Sen. Rand Paul to extract a reluctant acknowledgment from the Justice Department that the president may not target U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

via EDITORIAL: Drones for the military – Washington Times.

Krauthammer on Ryan pick: ‘Change is now on the side of’ GOP

From the Daily Caller, an analysis by Charles Krauthammer that I think is spot-on.

But second is also the shift in grounds, the dynamic of the debate — the argument from stewardship, from who can do a better job. to ideas,” he continued. “When Ryan spoke, he mentioned our rights are from nature and God. That’s a fairly fundamental idea. It isn’t even a policy. It’s a philosophy. He wants to make the debate about the philosophy of government and the policies that then follow.

Ah, a battle of ideas, of concepts, of, dare I say, hope and change?

And the Democrats, viewing 10,000+ crowds in Wisconsin,  are already apoplectic.

Very good news, indeed.