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The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw – The Washington Post

So here we have Hollywood taking a terribly skewed view of reality. It seems to love to make the white man look racist…

What’s wrong with Hollywood?

The makers of the new movie “Selma” apparently just couldn’t resist taking dramatic, trumped-up license with a true story that didn’t need any embellishment to work as a big-screen historical drama. As a result, the film falsely portrays President Lyndon B. Johnson as being at odds with Martin Luther King Jr. and even using the FBI to discredit him, as only reluctantly behind the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and as opposed to the Selma march itself.

In fact, Selma was LBJ’s idea, he considered the Voting Rights Act his greatest legislative achievement, he viewed King as an essential partner in getting it enacted — and he didn’t use the FBI to disparage him.

via The movie ‘Selma’ has a glaring flaw – The Washington Post.

Sympathy for the Devil?

Excellent comments over at regarding my novel have made me realize something I had not appreciated. Easily excited people have expressed concern that I may be advocating violence against the US or even a racial war because I depict some pretty horrible stuff. I couldn’t understand how anyone could confuse my depiction of an event from my endorsement of an event.

After all, no one imagines that Tom Clancy wanted a nuclear bomb to go off in a football stadium in the US, but that is what he depicted in The Sum of All Fears. I assumed that these people, believing me to be advocating such horrors and even illegal acts, were simply unhinged.

But, many people reading my story have commented that my characters have a greater breadth and depth that is ordinarily seen in thrillers of this type. And that made me think, and I put two and two together…

My goal was, indeed, to create characters with what I thought were the full range of human emotions and motivations.

  • Bad people can and do love.
  • Good people can and do hate.

Moreover, people we think of as evil do not see themselves that way. And, in some respects, they often are not. The Rolling Stones commented, in Sympathy For The Devil,

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Lucifer
Cause I’m in need of some restraint
So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, …

Thus did I make Nate Smith an evil character in whom we could see and feel legitimate motivations. And thus did I place Jeff and Anne at the center of a maelstrom that may destroy them if they act, but will destroy the country if they don’t …

To be conflicted with good and evil is the nature of our existence, and incidentally, the reason to be thankful for the cleansing blood of Jesus.

Some of that is clearly showing through my characters and has, it seems, given some to believe I have sympathy for the devil.

Well I don’t. But I do have sympathy for any human who struggles, but fails, to do what is right.

This Olympics, remember an Olympian who fought Hitler twice

In Olympics And War — He Helped Beat Hitler Twice

This is a story from the 1936 Olympics. The one were Jesse Owens destroyed Hitler’s “Master Race” business by winning gold in the 100, 200, and 400 meter relay.

Foy Draper, part of the Gold-Medal team in the 400 meter relay, was lost piloting an A20 Havoc bomber on Jan. 4, 1943 over North Africa.

But note. Two members of his team were scratched and replaced the night before the race:

In one of the most shameful incidents in sports history, Stoller and Glickman, the only  Jewish-Americans on the U.S. team, were replaced by Owens and Ralph Metcalfe. There are several theories on why that happened, but one was that U.S. Olympic Committee Chairman Avery Brundage wanted to avoid giving offense to Hitler.

So we see that appeasement and politically correct idiocy are not new inventions.
The left has just perfected the art over the last 70 years.


The Confab over By Force Of Patriots; Is it Racist?

There is a guy over Amazon who, to put it mildly, dislikes my novel. Clearly of the Politically Correct crowd, he is unaware of the fact that he exemplifies precisely why I wrote the novel as I did. Naturally I’d like him to like the story, and I suspect had he read the whole thing, he might have (or at least he wouldn’t have spewed so much vitriol), but it is what it is and I shall make the best of it.

And arguably, he has done me a great favor by demonstrating for all to see exactly why my novel is so relevant. Still, I think it appropriate to write, here, some  things that my readers, with whom I do not have a personal acquaintance, might like to know. (I say this because my friends know without being told.)

I am neither a white supremacist nor do I approve of them. Upon reading By Force Of Patriots (the whole thing, not just the first 2 chapters!) you will discover that 1)  the bad guys are all white, and 2) two important (and good) characters are African American.

I would not ever write a story glorifying racists. But, they are in the story as they are in real life. I did the best I could to “get into” their heads so that I could vividly reflect their abhorrent ideas. Apparently, to the guy over at Amazon, I did perhaps too good of a job!

Yet, in a broader sense, the story also deals with race as it exists, today, in America. I try to express, give voice to, Americans who are upset with set-aside programs, Affirmative Action, and the like. Reverse racism, as it were. This issue is an important aspect of America, and so it’s in the story. I said this elsewhere on my site:

To put it bluntly, if some can be upset with racism, others can be upset with reverse racism. The two racisms are not equal, to be sure, as one subjugated an entire race, but to deny a voice to the lesser is to legitimize the former. And that enters the realm of tyranny… pretty much where we are today.