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US Troop Deaths… for a nation not at war with Islam…

Marine Lt. Gen. John Kelly, whose son, 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly, was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan in November 2010:

“America as a whole today is certainly not at war, not as a country, not as a people,” Kelly said in a speech Aug. 28 at the American Legion’s national convention. Kelly is Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s senior military assistant.

“Only a tiny fraction of American families fear all day and every day a knock at the door that will shatter their lives,” Kelly said.

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This, thanks in large part to Barry’s insane rules of engagement that get Americans killed…

Pakistan doctor who helped us find Bin Laden in a Pakistan prision…

How is it that we are allowing Pakistan to hold and try for treason the doctor who gave us the final key to locating Bin Laden? We give these people billions of dollars per year…

Senator Rand Paul has a better idea. Not a penny more until you release the good doctor.

But I’d go one further step, or maybe two.

Step one: Not a penny more until you stop 1) allowing the Taliban safe haven from which to strike and kill American forces in Afghanistan, 2) your security services from meeting with the Taliban to advise them on ways to fight American forces in Afghanistan, and 3) your troops from aiding Taliban forces in their lethal rocket and mortar attacks against American forces.

Actually, I might go even one step further. I’d be inclined to cut off all aid regardless. And, if you continue to aid our enemies, you become one as well.

Put that in our pipe and smoke it why don’t you?

Here are the supporting articles:

Pakistan Aids Insurgency (NY Times) July 25, 2010.

Pakistan Aids Rocket Attacks on US Troops, Oct. 27,2011, Wired.

Pakistan allows safe haven to Taliban, May 1, 2012, CNN

PAUL: Help SEAL Team 6, go straight to jail in Pakistan – Washington Times.

Why do we play patty-cake with the Taliban?

I do not fully understand the geopolitical issues in fighting the Taliban. But, in a “real” war, where we allowed to actually fight to win, we would be taking out the source of these IEDs. The way we are fighting this looks to me like pure lunacy. Can any of you explain it?

I think both Bushes were terrible commanders of our military. Hell, I think FDR should have listened to Patton at the end of WWII (recall, Patton wanted to fight Russia right then and there). The same goes for the way we played patty-cake in Vietnam… This business of trying to appease tyrants and fighting with one glove behind the back is insanity.

Yet, the day Obama took control of combat in the Middle East we saw a huge spike in combat deaths. I’ve said before I believe Obama did this because he is protecting those of his religion. (Recall, just the other day, what was revealed when he made the comment that AK-47s should rightly be in the hands of warriors, not civilians.) This is exactly the reason our Founding Fathers demanded that a president be “natural born.” They did not want our president to have a divided loyalty.

But, I don’t believe that’s the situation we have with Barry. Not at all! I don’t for a second believe his loyalty is divided.

Army’s vehicles not tough enough for bombs – Washington Times.