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Does China have more high-tech stuff that the USA?

There was a full moon last night and I was standing outside Dan’s Tavern admiring it when I got into a brief conversation with a 20-something lady. Somehow the conversation got into technology, and I mentioned that no other nation has put a person on the Moon. The young lady asked why, and I said, “because no one else has the technology.”

She seemed flummoxed, thought for a second, put a finger to her chin, and said, “I thought China had more technology that us.”

If this doesn’t terrify you, you are not paying attention.

What in the heck are we teaching in schools?

Don’t answer that. I know. It was Marxism back in the 70s and it has not changed. Moreover, a friend who was with me added, “And we teach them that everyone is equal, and that we [meaning the USA] are not exceptional.”

And that made me recall the comment that our illustrious leader said about “American Exceptionalism.” He said he believes in it just as the Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism, and the French, and the English…

Spoken as a good Marxist.

Coming through your schools. Which reminds me of this wonderful video by Starship.