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Ever desirous of more government, the U.N. now wants to regulate prostitution

More brilliance from the United Nations. These socialists really believe that government intervention can cure all.

Take, for instance, the notion that “regulating” prostitution will reduce AIDS.

Can someone explain that? Are we to presume that a prostitute will suddenly now insist that her John use a condom?

Or that now, suddenly, the John will insist of using one?


Do they have any studies to support this? I’d like to read them, because it flies in the face of common sense, as does much government regulation.

Common sense tell me that the use of a condom by the man, if insisted upon by either party, is the result of a desire by that individual for self preservation. It’s a personal decision made for personal reasons, is it not? And without a compliance officer in the bedroom, or alley, I fail to see how any amount of government regulation will change that dynamic.

Don’t you just love socialists?

AIDS used as reason to legalize prostitutes – Washington Times.