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Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama’s four years

The American economy is suffering from the combined effects of an abusive regulatory scheme, unions that use work rules as weapons, a legal system that too easily rewards suits for hangnails, and a Democrat party doing everything it can to demonize capitalism and those who invest and drive the economy.

It should be no surprise, then, that the skilled and technical jobs to be filled by American labor are not materializing, and that the only jobs being created are perfect for the unskilled.

Until these forces working against capitalism are defeated, we can expect little improvement.

Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis that suggests immigration has soaked up a large portion of what little job growth there has been over the past three years.

via Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama’s four years – Washington Times.

Unions make a stand for fixed rights in Michigan – Washington Times

The public unions, that is, unions of government employees,  want their collective bargaining rights codified in Michigan’s State Constitution.

This is such an arrogant overreach that it is breathtaking. Even FDR spoke against the ability of government employees to form unions, saying that such a situation was “unthinkable and intolerable.” George Meany — the former president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O, agreed, and in 1955 said, “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.”

The reason is the conflict of interest. If the union bargains with politicians for their rights, the unions will simply funnel dues money back to the politicians who gave them whatever they were asking in the bargaining process. It’s completely incestuous. And everyone has know it for the last 70 years.

It’s also been explained like this:

The founders of the labor movement viewed unions as a vehicle to get workers more of the profits they help create. Government workers, however, don’t generate profits. They merely negotiate for more tax money. When government unions strike, they strike against taxpayers. F.D.R. considered this “unthinkable and intolerable.”

Government collective bargaining means voters do not have the final say on public policy. Instead their elected representatives must negotiate spending and policy decisions with unions. That is not exactly democratic – a fact that unions once recognized.

Moreover, the situation:

“It turns government unions into a superlegislature,” said F. Vincent Vernuccio, labor policy director of the pro-market Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Mich., which calls the measure costly and overreaching. “If passed, it will give government unions an effective veto over legislation passed by elected representatives.” Unions make a stand for fixed rights in Michigan – Washington Times.

Clearly, the proposal to put this right into the Michigan Constitution should be defeated.