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The Difference between Florida Rebublicans and Democrats when it comes to voting intregrety…

So, here is a volunteer attorney who worked for John Kerry 2004. This time he is volunteering for Allen West. Look at how Republicans treated him when he was for Democrats verses how Democrats treat him when he is for a Republican:

“I never experienced the kind of obstructionist tactics and hostility when I was serving on John Kerry’s presidential election team in 2004,” Shapiro added. “I was impressed with the system despite its flaws, but I’m starting to realize that there’s a big difference when you’re a member of the same party as the supervisor of elections than when you’re with the opposition. What I’ve seen these past few days has caused me to lose some faith and confident in the integrity of the democratic process.”

via Allen West Sees Gain of Over 500 Points in St. Lucie County Recount |