Fake polls and fake numbers…

U.S. consumer sentiment unexpectedly rose to its highest level in five years in October as consumers became more optimistic about the overall economy in a possible boost to President Obama’s reelection hopes next month.

via Consumer Sentiment Rises Unexpectedly to 5-Year High – US Business News – CNBC.

Does anyone believe a word of this?

Fraudulent numbers like this report serve no more to help leftists than calling the Tea Party racist and  non-existent.

The facts are the facts. The Tea Party exists in strength and it is not racist. Calling it otherwise does not change the reality. The people are there and they know who and what they are. And they plan to vote.

Similarly, consumer sentiment is in the tank and everyone on the street knows it. Fake numbers do not change that fact.

All reports like this do is reinforce the notion among Americans that we are now living in something akin to the Soviet Union, when propaganda reigned king. Or was it dictator?