Falsely elevating the low achievers and demonizing the high achievers in school, business, and war…

We see this in our schools, where the lowest achievers are heaped with effort to “close the gap” while the top achievers are accused of  being too “white” and are thus left to toil on their own.

So, here, in the military, the leftists are doing the same:

The socialist levelers currently in power cannot understand or abide the inescapable truth that some deeds — and some people — are more worthy than others. Thus, the levelers desperately seek ways of deconstructing the institutions and traditions that cherish and celebrate such deeds and such men. At its heart, liberalism, progressivism, socialism, fascism or Marxism — call it what you will — is simply an ideological system built upon envy and resentment.

via BOLGIANO AND TAYLOR: In the drone wars, everyone gets a medal – Washington Times.