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The Frightening Reality…

A president came to power on this plan:

“Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive,


non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people.

They must feel so frustrated,

so defeated,

so lost,

so futureless in the prevailing system

that they are willing to let go of the past

and chance the future…”

Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky

The Situation…

Government employees attack and beat citizens attempting to assemble and rally for returning America to its Constitutional foundation under a Christian God. Two nuns are arrested for passing out bibles outside a Mosque. Military helicopters armed with hellfire missiles pound into submission a separatist colony in Nevada…

Already disgruntled by the nationalization of major industries, crippled energy production, and oppressive taxation that destroys the will to invest, innovate, or even put in a hard day’s work, Americans begin to wake up.

Some begin to boil.

Confrontations between citizens and government officials multiply and escalate. Shots are fired with the true monster that threatens world peace: the repulsive, the odious, the singularly loathsome “automatic” assault rifle.

The President conceives a plan to quell these domestic “terrorists.” The first step is disarming America by having his liberal majority on the US Supreme Court emasculate The District of Columbia v. Heller and “green light” implementation of draconian laws that effectively ban all firearms. The next step is to enforce the ban with his newly-minted “National Defense Force” comprised, to no one’s surprise, of heretofore illegal immigrants.

The obvious question becomes as tantalizing as it is ominous: what happens when tens of thousands—a million—50 million armed Americans decide that enough is enough?

By Force Of Patriots takes us back to that moment when, in 1776, Americans apprehended their right, indeed their duty, to throw off such government. Could it happen again?

(Note to the federal government and others who think this story calls for armed resistance to the federal government. It does not. I do not call for such. I support no illegal activity of any kind. Buy the book and read it. This story is FICTION with enough reality thrown in to make it seem real. Too real, for some, apparently! However, that I would even have to put in this disclaimer is testament to how many freedoms we have lost, already.)