Latest reveiw on Amazon nails my intent with By Force Of Patriots

woah. it rocks. packed with information and action.

That’s the headline from a review by a reader in Texas. He went on to say:

this book is not a quick read, nor for the faint of heart. the author brings up everything that either pissing you off, or making you wonder what the hell is going on in this country. mos def not PC. set in the coming years after the “next four” obama years, it paints a picture of americans who were too sleepy to understand the issues, while diving deep into those issues, and still has some space for action scenes. if you wondered what is getting people excited, this well written book has got it’s finger on the pulse of the real america. i recommend!

That pretty much sums up my intent and great effort in writing the story.

So, I made the following comment after his review:

Thank you kraemertwinz, your review has accurately captured my intent and my efforts. I did not delve into Marbury v. Madison, the District of Columbia v. Heller, Wickard v. Filburn, Roe v. Wade, Democracy and Distrust, Liberty and Tyranny, and various inane federal regulations with the hope that people would call this story an easy read.

Instead, what I tried to do is build an exciting story of human struggle around the very constitutional issues tearing at our republic. And in that, I tried to put my finger, as you say, on the pulse of those Americans who feel somewhat betrayed by a country they see slipping away.

I also note with interest a growing number of readers from Texas…