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Rarely would I quote a comment to an article. This is an exception. While the article is good and I recommend it to all, it’s the comment that is most impressive:

The first war ever fought by a nascent America was against the Barbary Pirates of Tripoli. They were Muslims who attacked the ships of many nations and either beheaded or enslaved their passengers and crew, holding them for ransom. The newly formed Marines, wearing a wide leather collar to prevent beheading, were deployed to fight them… and they are called ”Leathernecks” to this day. It’s also the reason the scimitar-like curved sword which commemorates the battle is part of their dress uniform. So… indeed…. in the past Islam had some impact on our history….. but it was as our enemy.

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This is turning out to be an interesting thread. Another author, Ted R. Weiland, made a post to the above-article that I found very interesting. He said, in essence, that our First Amendment allows to exist in America religions that are antithetical to Christianity. Of course, Judaism is such, though it does not require the destruction of Christianity. The problem with Islam is that it does not allow other religions to exist.

So, I made the following comment:

Mr. Weiland, interesting thesis. I just read a portion of chapter 11 and I find it very illuminating. I’m not so concerned with religions that deny Christ as much as I am with “religions” that seek to deny my life and the existence of our republic! I think we have to come to the sense that such is not a religion at all, but is instead something as abhorrent as Nazism, which also sought the extermination of those antithetical to its aims. We cannot turn something intended for self-preservation into a tool used by others for our immolation, or self-immolation, as it were.