Why I wrote “By Force Of Patriots”

This novel is my way of giving back to my country. I’ve never served in our armed forces and that bothers me. Thus, I wanted to do something deeply patriotic that might, in some small way, contribute to the health and survival of our great country.

I set out to craft a story that would, at once, thrill and inform. My goal was to infuse it with so much realism–raw realism–that readers would have no choice but to see the world as so many in middle America see it. Whether one agrees or not, many in America do see the world through the eyes of Jeff, Hartman, Anne, Miles, Linda, Bradley, Bill, and others. I also have characters on the left and far, far right. And they don’t much like one another…

Being a lawyer who has read a bit of constitutional law, I also desired to engage my characters in such a way as to illuminate aspects of our current governance that reflect vast departures from what the Founding Fathers intended and which, I believe, create many, if not most, of the economic and political problems we have today. I don’t presume to know how to fix these structural issues, but fix them we must if this great republic is to survive. And the only way we can fix them is to see and discuss them.

It’s not politically correct to talk about race or Islam. And it’s not PC to speak poorly about Barry Soetoro, or use the name by which the current president was known for much of his life. The PC crowd will not like that my characters think and speak freely about these things.

Some people even want my book taken off the market. And yet they fail to see that is exactly why my story resonates. Americans see what has happened to America. They see the loss of freedom to speak the truth about uncomfortable subjects. The world truly is upside down when a president orders any reference to Islamic terrorism stricken form government files, including national defense training… when the Fort Hood massacre by an Islamist shouting “Allah Akbar” is classed as “workplace violence.”

And even on Amazon, one reviewer is already trying to shout down my story as fraudulent, racist, and un-American. I find that sweetly ironic. He seems unaware that the level of his vitriol, aimed at scaring people away from my novel, is a perfect example of exactly what the characters in my novel encounter; it is exactly that which makes them decide enough is enough…

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